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General catalog

Two-in-one automatic vacuum sealer ASV-320D

Retractable nozzle vacuum sealer for industrial use / ASV-320D

Ultrasonic point sealer QP-01

[Cordless] Ultrasonic point sealer QPB-01

Ultrasonic dot-line sealer L-QP-01

[Cordless] Ultrasonic dot-line sealer L-QPB-01

PEONY Hand wrapper U-45PN/U-450JP

PEONY Hand wrapper B-45PN/B-450JP

Fish Bone Tweezers Ⅲ [Bent nose type]

Fish Bone Tweezers Ⅲ [Straight long nose type]

Japanese knife sharpener TOGISHI

Vacuum sealer DUCKY (100V)

Ultrasonic welder AUH30 (100V)

Adhesive tape insect catcher MPX-2000 series

Adhesive tape insect catcher MP-2300 series

Adhesive tape insect catcher MP-301 series

Adhesive tape insect catcher MPX-7000 series

Pole type adhesive tape insect catcher

Adhesive tape for insect catcher MP/MPX

Insect repellent shatter resistant film

Electric Fish Scaler AST-150

Semi automatic vacuum sealer AS-V-001

Insect catching machine MP-061

Healthcare Products

Men’s wearable urine collector AS-URI S/M/L size

Men’s wearable urine collector for wheelchair use AS-KUR010

Men’s wearable urine collector for sleeping position AS-DUR010

Men’s hand-held urine collector AS-TUR101

Nonskid rubber tip of the walking stick

Pelvic floor training cushion for urinary incontinence


Handheld knotter SS-3 for Spandex / Elastane / Lycra yarn

Ultrasonic dot-line sealer L-QP-01 for ironer guide tape welding

Ultrasonic dot-line sealer L-QPB-01 for ironer guide tape welding / Cordless type

PU Disc for DTY production.

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