Concept of personal information

Asahi Industry Co.,Ltd. handles collecting, using, and managing personal information appropriately and also pay close attention.

Collecting personal information

When contacting us, we may collect personal information of users of the site to the extent necessary. When collecting, clarify the purpose of collection and collect from the principal in principle. In addition, we will do it collectively by law and fair means.

Use of personal information

Personal information collected by the Company within the stipulated range will be used only when necessary according to the will of the site user at the notice of the campaign information etc. when replying to the question of the site user.

Providing personal information

We do not disclose / provide personal information of site users to third parties other than outsourcing parties without consent of the site users themselves. However, when disclosure is requested by laws and regulations, when disclosure is requested from a court or a public agency such as a police office, we may disclose and provide personal information without your consent.

Management of personal information

We strictly manage and protect personal information of site users. In addition, in order to protect from loss, destruction, unauthorized leakage, tampering, unauthorized access to this site and server, we have established provisions, taken reasonable safety measures, promptly deal with the occurrence of problems I will.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We promise to comply with laws and other various norms related to personal information of site users.


We may revise the above privacy policy in order to protect personal information.


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