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What is the insect light trap?



Why do we need to use light insect traps?

Insect traps are used as one of the methods to monitor the level of insect invasion.
If insects are not trapped by insect traps, the area is protected and safe.
However, if insects are trapped, we need to take more measures against insects.
We can check the current clean level at a glance with insect traps.

insect trap

It is difficult to block all invasions of insects.
The light traps are used to a way to kill them also.



How do insect light traps kill insects?

Insect light traps are installed UV lamps and glue tapes.
insect trap2
■UV lamp
The UV light attracts insects.
Then, insects flying around lamps are trapped on glue tapes.
Insects are most attractive to UV light noticeably at 365 nm in wavelength.

■Glue tape
Mushipon’s glue tapes can trap any small insects.
Insects cannot escape from the adhesive tapes even if their bodies or wings graze the surface of glue tape.
Mushipon is used by many food factories, pharmaceutical factories and so on all over the world.




Product details:

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