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Installation TIPS of the light insect trap MPX-2000


Insect light traps are installed UV lamps and adhesive tapes.
The UV lamp attracts flying insects and adhesive tapes capture insects around lamps.
There are some tips to use the light insect trap effectively.


Install near invasion entrances and habitat areas
Place insect light traps between the main entry points and the areas you are
trying to protect so that you intercept the pests before they reach the critical

insect light trap (6)


How high to place insect traps?
Most insects tend to fly low to the ground.
Place insect traps at a height around 2.0m from the floor.
The adhesive tapes need to change regularly so that not placing too high a
position is important to use them effectively.

insect light trap (1)


Not leak out the light to outside through windows
If the light of the UV lamp leaks outside via windows, it invites insects inside from

insect light trap (5)


Avoid installing near production lines
Insect light traps are designed to be attractive to flying insects and will draw them
towards the trap. You should keep insect traps as far away from the areas you
want to protect.

insect light trap (8)insect light trap (4)



Keep turning on 24hrs
Insects are more active in the night.
Light traps work more effectively when the other light devices are turned off.

insect light trap (2)



Adhesive tapes should be changed regularly
You will know the level of hygiene by checking adhesive tapes regularly.

insect light trap


Change UV lamp by its proper replacement period
even the light flashes
UV lamp has recommended useful life. The amount of emitted UV rays start to
go down to a lower level to draw insects after the recommended useful life even
the lamp will flashes. Changing UV lamps in the proper period is important to use
insect traps effectively.

insect light trap (2)



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