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Hand Wrapper

When installed film is difficult to cut, hard to pull out, or pulls out too much

The hand wrapper has a brake knob for tightening or loosening the film rotation.

Adjusting the brake to an appropriate level makes it easier to cut with the cutter blade, and easier to wrap.

For the best operation performance, adjust the brake according to the quantity of the films left in the machine.

(i) When film rotation is tight and difficult to pull out. (e.g., when new film is loaded)
→The brake should be loosened according to the operator’s power.
If the brake is too tight, the operation will be difficult to pull out the film.

(ii) When the film rotation is too loose and too much film is pulled out.
(e.g., when the film quantity is low)
→The film gets lighter as the remaining film quantity decreases.
The brake will become too loose when the amount of remaining film decreases if the brake is not adjusted after setting the new film.

Adjust the brake again according to the film quantity.



▶How to adjust the brake


1. Loosen the stopper by rotating it counterclockwise.
2. Pull the film and check the brake tension.

(i) When the brake is too tight and the film is difficult to pull out
→Loosen the knob by turning it counterclockwise.

(ii) When the brake is too loose and the film is pulled out too much
→Tighten the brake knob by turning it clockwise.

3. After adjustment, to keep the brake knob firmly fixed,
turn the stopper clockwise and tighten it to secure the knob.


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