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What is the ultrasonic point sealer ? How does the machine weld materials ?

The ultrasonic point sealer weld materials in a few seconds.QP-01simpletooprate


How to use

Hold a few seconds….

Two sheets of plastics weld together.


Mechanism of Welding

Ultrasonic vibrations are emitted from the upper horn (a metal part)  when the handpiece is pressed.
The frictional heat caused by the ultrasonic vibration instantly melts the pinched material.
As the ultrasonic vibration stops, the material becomes solid and sticks together in a second.


By this mechanism, the QP-01 ultrasonic point sealer can weld materials that can be melted by frictional heat.
Example: chemical fabrics, plastic packages, non-woven fabrics, etc.

Conversely, materials that do not melt by frictional heat cannot seal.
Example: Papers, cotton materials

Non-weldable: Cotton, rayon, wool, other natural fabrics, etc.
Weldable: Polyester, nylon, acrylics, other chemical fabrics, etc.

-Packaging materials
Non-weldable: Paper, bamboo, other natural materials, etc.
Weldable: Plastics (PP, PET, OPS, etc.), non-woven fabrics, etc.


Tamper proof

The ultrasonic point sealer QP-01 melts and adheres materials without using tape, glue, or staples.
The sealing way works as tamer proof sealing.

The materials welded by the ultrasonic point sealer have tamper-proof function.
Packages once sealed by the ultrasonic welder is needed to break off the welded point to open it.

forfoodindustry_qp-01 sealedandopened

Therefore, the ultrasonic point sealer is used in food packaging and packaging operations in the manufacturing industry as a method for tamper proof and prevention of foreign material contamination.

Food container

qp-01 clam shell pack sealing
Food container

qp-01 clam shell sealing

qp-01 tagging




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