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How to choose a bag sealer

There are various types of bag sealers.
We introduce some tips for your correct choice.


When you chose a sealer, you need to know;
・the bag shape for your packaging
・material and thickness of the bag
・the size of the bag
・the number of bags you would like to seal per day



・the bag shape for your packaging
There are several types of bags, including flat bags, side gusseted bags, and fin seal bags.
You should choose double heat sealer to seal side gusseted bags and fin seal bags.
It is difficult to seal with normal single heat types because they have areas that the film is folded into three or four layers.

Double heat sealer -AZ-200W/300W


・material and thickness of the bag
Whether they can be sealed or not depends on the thickness and the material they are made from.
For example, metallized bags and laminated kraft-paper bags are sometimes more difficult to seal than normal bags.

laminated kraft paper bag Metallized bag

・the size of the bag
Select a sealer according to the width of your bag.
It is recommended to choose a sealer that is at least 20 – 50mm wider than the width of your bag.
If the sealer size is the same as the bag size, it would be difficult to place the bag in the correct position and workability would be poor.


・the number of bags you would like to seal per day
If you do not seal more than 100 bags per day, your choice would be a simple tabletop impulse sealer.
If the volume of your sealing work per day is large, you should choose an easy-to-operate tabletop or foot-operated sealer.
A band sealer would also be your option if you have a higher volume of work to seal.


Easy to operate table top AZ sealer
Single impulse;
Double impulse;



If you are unsure about the bag material then you can send us samples.
We will do sealing tests and make a proposal of your best product.


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AZ sealer table push


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