ColumnUltrasonic Sealers 2021/09/22

Ultrasonic point sealer for takeaway food containers

Many restaurants have added delivery and carryout to their services due to COVID-19 lockdown regulations.
We can enjoy delicious restaurant food at home by using food-delivery services or buying takeaway food at the restaurants.

We introduce our ultrasonic point sealer for takeaway packaging containers.
Ultrasonic point sealer QP-01
ultrasonic point sealer

The machine seals disposable plastic containers by pressing the handset.
It is compact and easy to use.
You can seal the lid without tapes and rubber bands.
You can learn how to use it on YouTube.:

If you break the package sealed with the ultrasonic point sealer once, you cannot restore it to its original closed state.
Consumers receive and eat the takeaway food without worry by the tamper-proof packages.




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