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Vacuum sealer ASV-320D

Is it possible to vacuum liquids and powders?

Yes, but there are some points to note.

For Liquid

Vacuum and seal liquid in manual vacuum mode.
After the seal bar moves down and grasps the bag, place the bag at a position lower than the seal area.
This makes air access to the nozzle tip easier.
Vacuum as much air as possible by vacuuming liquid and air at the same time.
Be careful not to spill liquid during operation.

For highly viscous liquids such as curry

Liquids like water are possible, but sludgy liquids may clog the unit, so please refer to the following tips.

For highly viscous liquids such as curry, etc., vacuum-pack after semi-freezing, or use an
embossed bag and seal it before the nozzle sucks the liquid.

【Video】Automatic vacuum sealer ASV-320D_Vacuum pack liquids


For Powder

When packing fine particles such as wheat flour, use an embossed bag to vacuum-pack with the powder at the bottom of the bag.
Clean the nozzle and tube if the powder gets sucked in.


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Two-in-one automatic vacuum sealer ASV-320D


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