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Setsubun Sushi roll packaging/Ultrasonic point sealer

sushiroll February 3rd is Setsubun-day in Japan.


Setsubun is one of the traditional Japanese events.

We have the custom to eat sushi roll as a ritual on Setsubun day.


The custom comes out Kansai region and it became common in all areas in Japan recently.

We can buy many kinds of roll sushi that day in supermarkets and convenience stores.


Usually, sushi rolls are put in plastic containers and displayed at stores.

Stores prepare many roll sushi on Setsubun day.


The ultrasonic point sealer QP-01 is used by these stores to seal plastic containers.

ultrasonic point sealer

QP-01 is easy to operate. You can seal plastic containers by just pressing the handset as pressing staplers.


Ultrasonic waves melt and fix the container lid in a few seconds.

You don’ need to use tapes, rubber bands, glue, stapler, and staples.

 sealedplasticcontainer  sealedplasticcontainer


Enjoy sushi roll on Setsubun day !


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