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Features of Fish bone tweezer

Easy to grip

In using our Fish bone tweezer Ⅲ, hold the grip with the entire palm of the hand and remove fish bones.
Normal tweezers are gripped with only the index finger and thumb, which makes operators easily fatigued.
Fish bone Tweezers III are used by gripping with the entire palm of the hand, which is less tiring than the tweezer type, which is gripped with only the strength of two fingers.



The curved tip enables pinching of a target bone only, without damaging the fish meat.

The curved blade makes it easy to see the tip from above and helps the operator remove targeted fish bones. It prevents fish meat from being damaged and helps keep the quality of products.



Remove fish bones without breaking

The tip of the blade is designed to prevent breaking of fish bones when pulling them out.
The blade tip has surface area, so the fish bone will not be cut even if it is firmly clamped and pulled out.



Easy to wash and sanitize

Fish bone tweezer Ⅲ can be disassembled for washing. Dirt can also be removed from the overlapping parts of the blades.




Fish bone tweezer Ⅲ is used all over the world

Fish bone tweezer Ⅲ is used in processing plants and fresh fish stores around the world.






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