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Features of Japan’s best-selling insect light trap “Mushipon”

Insect activities are more active in the spring.
This is the season when many customers purchase new or additional insect light traps.
Recently, the number of manufacturers and dealers of insect light traps has increased and there is a lot of information about insect light traps on the web.

We would like to reintroduce the features of Mushipon, the No. 1 selling insect light traps in Japan.
Please make use of this information to choose the best insect light traps for you.


Features of Insect light trap “Mushipon”

■High insect-capturing power

■Wide variety of product lineup

Growing popularity of LED model

■Safety with no harmful substances

■Reliable quality made in Japan

■Supports overseas voltages



■High insect-capturing power

The most important feature of Mushipon is its insect-trapping power.
Mushipon’s insect adhesive tape has the highest capturing ability compared to any other insect light trap.
The sticky glue on the surface of the tape has the optimum viscosity to trap insects so that even an insect’s foot touching the tape can be captured.
It can trap even tiny insects less than 1 mm in length.
Compared to peel-off tape (insect trapping tape like double-sided tape), Mushipon’s tape can capture about twice as many insects.



■Wide variety of product lineup

Mushipon has a wide lineup of insect light traps that can be selected according to customer needs.
In addition to factory, kitchen, interior, and waterproof types, we can also extend the power cord and change the voltage for overseas markets.

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■Growing popularity of LED model

Compared to standard lamps, LED lamps have a longer lifetime.
LED insect light traps are increasingly popular in recent years as energy-saving and environmentally friendly insect traps.
Interior models of LED insect insect traps are also popular, with an appearance that does not look like an insect light trap.


■Safety with no harmful substances

Our insect light traps are used in food and medicine factories as well, and the adhesive glue of the tape is made of non-toxic ingredients.
We can also provide shatterproof treatment to the UV lamp mounted on the device.


■Reliable quality made in Japan

All Mushipon insect light traps are manufactured in Japan.
Many major food companies and pharmaceutical companies use Mushipon’s insect light traps in their factories.


■Supports overseas voltages

We can provide models that are compatible with overseas voltages as an option.
Many Japanese companies use them in their overseas factories. We can also arrange shipping to overseas factories.
Please contact us for details.



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