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The best-selling model of Mushipon’s insect light traps

We have a large lineup of insect light traps that can be selected according to customers’ intended locations.

It is difficult to choose the most suitable one due to the wide range of products!
Here we introduce our best-selling insect light traps.

Table of Contents
1. Most popular models for factories and backrooms
2. Most popular interior models for offices, cafés, restaurants, shops
3. LED insect light traps

1.Most popular models for factories and backroom






The standard type of MPX-2000 is a hanging model, but there is a wall-mounted model if you want to install it on a wall, and a vertical model can also be selected to fit the installation spaces.



MP-301 is a low-cost model with one less adhesive tape and slim type compared to MPX-2000.
The UV lamp is a 30W and attracts insects with high attracting power.



MPX-7000 has 2 tapes and lamps so that it has high attracting power and catches many insects.
It is recommended for areas where you want to use it in a wider area and take care of more sanitary environment.




2.Most popular interior models for offices, cafés, restaurants, shops

The interior models are recommended for use in stores, hotels, restaurants, and other places where customers want to catch insects inconspicuously.
Interior models are stylish designed so that captured insects are not visible (or hardly visible).

Most popular interior models
Ⅰ.Mushipon mini
Ⅱ.Mushipon pocket 3
Ⅲ.MPR-01(Automatic wind-up tape type)


Mushipon mini

MUSHI-PON mini is a small, low-cost insect light trap.
Its compact and stand-alone design makes it easy to set up.You can use it soon after purchase.


Ⅱ.Mushipon pocket 3

It attracts insects by the light leaking from the upper part of the lamp.
It looks like an indirect lighting, but it has high attracting power and recommended it for users want to catch insects without visible tapes.


MPR-01(Automatic wind-up tape type)

The MPR-01 can be used for 60 days (or 90 days) without maintenance because it has an internal function that allows the insect trapping tape to be wound up little by little.
It is simple design and can be installed either standing or wall-mounted.
The compact and powerful 27W lamp captures insects.




3.LED insect light traps



The LED type of the MPX-2000, which is the No. 1 selling insect light traps for factories.
Compared to normal insect light traps, LED lamp last 6 times longer (30,000 hours) than fluorescent UV lamp.
The LED type is eco-friendly, reducing waste and energy consumption, as well as reducing the time and effort required to replace lamps.



hidamari hidamari
The light of insect traps used to be blue, but hidamari’s light is a warm color that easily fits in with hospitality spaces.
Collaborating with wooden design lighting company Moire, hidamari features a warm design that makes the most of wooden materials.



Reflex Reflex
The self-standing model requires no installation work and can be installed at any location.
LED lamps last 6 times longer than fluorescent lamps (30,000 hours). It saves time to replace the lamps.
Energy-saving with half power consumption of fluorescent lamp type (30W => 16W). It has a high capture power, also..



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