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Tips for selecting and installing insect light traps for restaurants

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As the weather begins to warm up in spring, we get many inquiries from customers about how to select and install insect light traps.
This time, we would like to introduce “Tips for selecting and installing insect light traps for restaurants”

First, we would like to share with you the most important factor in insect control before we introduce tips to select and install insect light traps.
Do not allow insects to enter your building.
Do not infest insects.

It is important to keep the store clean to avoid attracting and infesting insects.


However, no matter how you keep the restaurant clean, flying insects will still come in when people come in and out of your restaurant.
Insect light traps help to catch these invading flying insects.


Insect light traps can help to make restaurants more comfortable so that customers who come to enjoy a delicious meal will not be disappointed when they see insects walking around their table.


[Column]What is the insect light trap?

[Column]What is the insect light trap?


Tips for selecting and installing insect light traps for restaurants



Step 1
Figure out insect invasion routes


Identify from where insects are entering into your building.

‐For example
Main entrance for customers
Employee entrances
Back door in the kitchen, etc.

It is important to place insect light traps close to the entry routes of insects to prevent them from entering inner areas (e.g., the area with tables for customers to eat).

By installing insect light traps near the entry points, they can immediately catch the invading insects.
It is also recommended to install insect light traps around wet area or near garbage containers, where insects are often infested.


However, there are still insects that try to invade the inner area, so it is better to place additional traps in the kitchen and around the customer seating area as well.

Insect light traps attract insects. It is not recommended to place Insect light traps in the kitchen near the cooking area or near customer tables. It increases the risk of insects getting into the food or flying around near the customers’ tables.
Place the traps a short distance away from the cooking area and customer tables.




Step 2
After you have identified the routes of insect infestation, let’s decide specific locations to install the insect light traps.


First, make sure of the following cautions about installing insect light traps.

!Note 1.
Do not leak the light of the insect light traps to the outside.

The lamp emits ultraviolet rays (invisible to humans) to attract insects.
If the light leaks outside, it will attract insects from the outside.
Be careful when installing traps near doorways or windows.


!Note 2.
Place the insect light traps under 2 meters.

Flying insects (such as small fruit flies) cannot fly that high; they fly around at a height of 2.0 m or less.
In addition, it is inconvenient to replace glue tapes attached to insect light traps if they are installed at a high place.


We recommend that you install the insect light traps at no higher than 2 m for easy replacement of the insect light traps’ tapes and for effective use.

Based on the points mentioned above, consider the specific location of the installation.



1. Install near doorways

It is necessary to install the insect light traps to capture the invading insects immediately while preventing the light from leaking outside when the door is opened.

In many cases, it is recommended to place insect light traps near the door with the light of the traps facing inward (toward the inside of the building), while preventing the light from leaking outside.
If there a window around the installation site, be careful because the light may also leak outside.
The light leaking out through the window will attract insects to the area.

insecttrap-for-restaurants insecttrap-for-restaurants


2. Install around the customer seats and in the kitchen and backyard

It is necessary to capture insects flying around inside the restaurant while keeping them away from customers and food. As mentioned above, since insect light traps are designed to attract insects, they should not be placed in close areas where you do not want to keep insects away. For example, you should not place insect light traps in the kitchen near food preparation areas or right next to customer seats.
This increases the risk of insects contaminating food or making customers uncomfortable by flying around near their tables.
Place the insect light traps some distance away from the cooking area and the customers’ tables.



Step 3.
Select a model of insect light traps.




1.  Appearance <interior and commercial types>

There are interior and commercial types for insect light traps.
The appearance and interior design of the devices are important for locations near doors and seating areas where customers will see them.
We recommend interior type insect light traps for such places. These models are insect light traps that have interior design performance as well.

For areas around employee entrances and back entrances, we recommend regular commercial types. Compared to interior-types, commercial insect light traps make it easier to see the insect tape and monitor the insect capture status. This can be used as an indicator for whether or not additional pest control measures are needed. It is also easy to notice the timing of replacing the tapes.



2. Effective area

Depending on the insect light traps, there are different ranges that can attract flying insects.
Refer to information in catalogs and other sources for details.




3.Installation location requirements
Our standard type of commercial insect light traps are hanging and horizontal types, but wall-mounted and vertical types are also available.
Please select the type according to the installation location.





We would be happy to help you make successful use of our insect light traps and help your customers enjoy their meals in a comfortable restaurant environment.

We have experience in exporting insect light traps for many years.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us.


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[Column]What is the insect light trap?

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