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Easy to operate and fatigue-free table top sealer (AZ Sealer)


Impulse sealers is used to fasten the frontage of bags.
They are convenient, but your hands can get tired from the continuous work of sealing bags.
Our AZ sealer uses the principle of leverage to press down strongly on the bag with light force, so your hands do not get tired.

Here are the features of the AZ Sealer, which is widely used in confectionery and bakery stores, coffee shops, etc.


■Easy operation and less fatigue
■Seals thick bags and gusseted bags securely.
■Compact body
■Strong and sturdy body made in Japan
■Comparison with other sealers



Easy operation and less fatigue

AZ Sealer is a table top sealer.
AZ Sealer can be sealed by pushing down the front table, which lowers the sealing bar and seals the bag.

Just hold a bag with both hands and push the table down to seal.

The table’s structure utilizes the principle of leverage, so that a light push on the table is enough to exert strong pressure on the sealing surface.
principle of leverage

One of the advantages of tabletop sealers is the ability to hold the bag with both hands.
Since you can hold the bag with both hands, you do not have to worry about the seal being slanted or the contents spilling out.
The operation will proceed speedily and efficiently.
AZ sealer



■Seals thick bags and gusseted bags securely.

AZ sealers are available in one-sided and double-sided heated types.
Most sealers are one-sided, with the heat wire on only one side of the sealing bar (the bottom side in the case of the AZ Sealer, AZ-200S/300S).
Double-sided sealers have heating elements on both the top and bottom of the sealing bar, making them ideal for sealing thicker materials or bags with overlapping surfaces, such as gusseted bags.
AZ-300W is a double-sided sealer.
As mentioned above, the AZ sealer is a table type that utilizes the principle of leverage, so strong pressure can be applied to the sealing area with only light pressure.
It can seal thick bags and gusset bags, which are difficult to seal, by heating from above and below and applying strong pressure based on this principle.
It can also seal thick gusset bags and aluminum mylar bags.




■Compact body

Compact design for easy use in the kitchen, workshop, or store floor.
Powerful and compact machine.




■Strong and sturdy body made in Japan

The main body of AZ Sealer is made of a monocoque structure, which is a single sheet of plate folded into a monocoque structure.
Monocoque bodies are used in aircraft, cars, and housing construction technology, and are lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand deformation from external forces.
The main body of AZ Sealer is a monocoque body, which is strong and sturdy. It is also made of aluminum, making it resistant to rust.

In addition, we manufacture AZ sealer in Japan.
The quality of the made-in-Japan sealer has been recognized and exported to other countries as well.
AZ Sealer is a product that can be used for a long time by customers who use sealer machines every day.



■Comparison with other sealers

AZ sealers are often compared to lever-type and foot-operated sealers. Lever-type sealers require one hand to hold the bag and one hand to pull the lever forcefully, which can be very tiring after continuous operation.
The foot-pedal type is easy and less tiring because the sealing bar comes down when you step on it with your foot, but its disadvantage is that the machine itself is large.
AZ sealer is a compact and convenient machine that can be used with light force.

impulse sealers


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Impulse AZ Sealer 200S/300S (single heating)
AZ300S 400_280


Impulse AZ Sealer 200W/300W (double heating)
AZ300S 400_280


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