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Fish bone tweezers Ⅲ

What is the difference between a normal tweezers and fish bone tweezer Ⅲ?

Designed to minimize fatigue

With Fish bone tweezer Ⅲ, operators are able to hold it with the entire palm of their hand.
This allows them to operate it with light force.
For this reason, it helps operators to get less tired after continuous work.

In case of using the normal tweezer type, the area between the thumb and index finger may get tendonitis, but Fish bone tweezer Ⅲ is less tiring.



Easy to use and Less damage to fish meat

The curved tip is designed to make it easy to remove bones while visually checking the deboning point of the fish. Fish bones can be removed without breaking the fish meat. The design allows even inexperienced workers to operate easily without damaging the fish meat.



Less trouble in breaking fish bones when pulling them out.

Fish bone tweezer Ⅲ has has surface area at the tip for pinching fish bones.
This makes it less likely to break fish bones when pulling them out.




Easy to clean
Detachable structure_fish bone tweezer

Fish bone tweezer III can disassemble easily.
The overlapped parts of Fish bone tweezer III can be washed and cleaned.





■Product details
Fish Bone Tweezer Ⅲ
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