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Differences between Ultrasonic point sealer QP-01 and Ultrasonic dot-line Sealer L-QP-01

ultrasonic sealers

We manufacture two types of ultrasonic sealers:
Ultrasonic point sealer QP-01 and Ultrasonic dot-line Sealer L-QP-01.

The point sealer (QP-01) is mainly used for plastic containers and clamshells, while the dot-line sealer (L-QP-01) is used for welding plastic films, non-woven fabrics, etc.

Ultrasonic-pointsealer ultrasonic-dot-line-sealer


Difference between Ultrasonic point sealer QP-01 and Ultrasonic dot-line Sealer L-QP-01.



Ultrasonic point sealer QP-01
has a red handle installed a tip with jagged edge.

Ultrasonic dot-line Sealer L-QP-01
has a black handle with a wheel.





How to use and weld marks

Point sealer QP-01 welds points in a half-moon shape.
It is used like a stapler, one point at a time.

Dot-line sealer L-QP-01 welds dotted lines in a linear pattern.
It is used by sliding the handle to the side.






Uses and Suitable Materials


Point sealer QP-01 is good for thicker materials such as plastic containers and clamshell packs.
It is not good for welding thin films such as plastic bags.
qp-01 easy to seeqp-01 clam shell pack sealing超音波溶着器キュッパQP-01(フードパックを溶着)qp-01


Dot line sealer L-QP-01 is suitable for welding thin plastic films.
(plastic bags, non-woven fabrics, etc.)
On the other hand, it is not good at welding thick materials such as plastic containers because the wheel does not turn well due to being stuck in welded plastic.
l-qp-01 non woven bag sealerplastic bag dotted line sealerdotted line sealer plasticl-qp-01


Summary of the differences




Features of Ultrasonic sealers

-Ultrasonic sealer uses ultrasonic friction to weld materials together, rather than direct heating.It can increase sealing strength and weld thicker materials in a shorter time than the heat welding method.



-The machine is ready to use as soon as the power is turned on. There is no need to wait for the machine’s heater to get up to temperature. Just turn on the switch and the machine is ready to use.



-No need to worry about getting burned.
There is no need to worry about getting burned because there is no heating plate in the ultrasonic welder.ultrasonicsealers


-Easy to use
Just hold the handpiece in a few seconds and release to weld.
The compact and lightweight device is user-friendly.





【Product detail】

■Ultrasonic point sealer QP-01

ultrasonic point sealer


■Ultrasonic dot-line sealer L-QP-01

ultrasonic dotted line sealer



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