ColumnInsect Catchers 2023/07/03

Product outline of adhesive tape insect trap, MPX-2000/MP-2300 series **Product outline 3/7**

■Comparison of adhesive tape type insect traps
Lamps used for insect traps must efficiently radiate UV rays at the wavelength preferred by insects. The insect trapping papers must be resistant to the impact of the UV rays emitted by the lamp and must maintain adhesiveness.


□Comparative tests of insect traps
Used in the warehouse for five days

MPX-2000 (S-20) :52 insects caught
Comparison product:8 insects caught


□Comparative tests of insect trapping tape (1)

S-20(MPX-2000):842 insects caught
Comparison product::356 insects caught


□Comparative tests of insect trapping tape (2)
Insect trapping tape with stainless balls 1 mm in diameter adhered is suspended and the state of falling is observed
Changes over time under the environment of 25ºC and 50% (number of stainless balls remaining within 1 cm)

■Selling point/products

adhesive force of the tape

Adhesive force of the tape

Insect trapping tape
・Highly adhesive, thick tape allows the capture of small insects without fail.
・The tape is durable with no deterioration of adhesiveness over a year under the conditions of use.

High insect luring efficiency

High insect luring efficiency

Insect attracting lamp
・UV rays are radiated efficiently to attract insects in an effective manner.


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