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Vacuum skin packaging with Vacuum sealer ASV-320D

Now in July, it rains a lot in Japan and is very humid and hot.
In Japan, there is a custom of eating eel in the summer, when the heat makes us lose our appetite.
Many supermarkets are selling eels during this season.

This time, we propose a packaging method to make eel more delicious.



“It’s like a skin pack⁉ Packaging using a vacuum sealer ASV-320D”.


Key Benefits

Visual effect increases buying intention.

Vacuum packaging packs food products tightly. The silhouette and color of the foods are clearly visible, making it easier to show customers how tasty they are.

Visual effect




Can be differentiated from other products

Vacuum-skin-packaged products can be differentiated from other tray-packaged products, and can give a special appearance to the products.




Keep food quality

Vacuum-packed bags have extremely low oxygen transmission, which keeps the flavor of the food inside locked in and protects the food from oxidation and drying out.




Easy to display

No matter whether the product is displayed vertically or horizontally, the product inside will not move and drips do not spill out. The product can be displayed in an upright position to attract the customer’s attention, or in any other way that increases the customer’s purchase intention.

Easy to display



No worries about leaking drips.

Customers do not have to worry about their reusable bags getting dirty.

No worries about leaking drips.



Low initial cost for equipment installation

Vacuum sealer ASV-320D is relatively inexpensive compared to commercial vacuum packaging machines and vacuum skin packing machines.
*The price may differ depending on the country.

Low initial cost



Features of Vacuum sealer ASV-320D


Easy to operate

ASV-320D is one touch fully automatic operation model.
It has only two buttons for basic operations. Start and select buttons. You can use your favorite mode as operation can be switched between the fully automatic and semi-automatic modes.

easy to use



Modern and stylish design

Modern and stylish design that does not look like a commercial vacuum sealer. The compact unit won’t take up much space in a store or kitchen.

Unit size:W 394×D 266×H 175.3 mm

modern stylish design



Powerful vacuuming force

The vacuuming performance is – 80 kPa. ASV-320D is a compact but powerful vacuum sealer.

Powerful vacuuming force



Can vacuum and seal even highly moist contents

ASV-320D is equipped with an in-built water collection cup. It can be used without any worries even if liquid enters inside the bag along with air.

able to seal highly moist contents



Easy to clean the nozzle

The nozzle of the vacuum unit is detachable and the portion in contact with the bag can be easily cleaned. You are able to use ASV-320D in clean conditions.

Easy to clean the nozzle



Both bags can be used

Both normal vacuum bags and embossed vacuum bags can be used, improving versatility and ease of use.




Can vacuum pack large bags

Because ASV-320D is a nozzle-type vacuum sealer, there is no bag size limit, and even long bags can be vacuum-packed.

Can vacuum pack large bags

‐Colum: “Vacuum pack a long bag with the compact vacuum sealer ASV-320D.”




Supports all (100-240V)

You can use ASV-320D anywhere in the world just by using tip plugs of different shapes.





Product’s details

Two-in-one automatic vacuum sealer ASV-320D


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