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Men’s wearable urine collector for sleeping position AS-DUR010

I would like to know more about backflow prevention membranes.

The backflow prevention membranes is a thin rubber membrane that covers the inlet of the receiver.
It gently wraps around the penis to prevent backflow from the receiver insertion site.

The AS-DUR010’s receiver is designed to prevent leakage even without a backflow prevention membrane, so a backflow prevention membrane is not always necessary.

Please use the backflow prevention membrane for “those who inevitably leak urine from the receiver” or “those who feel more relieved if there is a membrane.

One A size (DUR401) and one B size (DUR402) backflow prevention membrane are included with each package when purchasing a new product.
Please use them for trial use.







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Men’s wearable urine collector for sleeping position AS-DUR010
Men's wearable urine collector for sleeping position


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