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Clamshell sealer / Ultrasonic point sealer QP-01


The ultrasonic point sealer QP-01 is good for spot welding clamshell plastic packages used in food packaging or retail business.
The ultrasonic point sealer is also called “clamshell sealer”.

Quickly and safely
The QP-01 seals clamshells quickly and safely using ultrasonic waves.
There is no fear of burning your fingers accidentally because the ultrasonic point sealer uses ultrasonic waves.

Simple to operate
Just pressing the handset, you can seal a plastic package for a few seconds with an ultrasonic point sealer.
By using the ultrasonic point sealer, you can seal plastic clamshells or containers without a stapler or tape.

The QP-01 is ideal for sealing clamshells or for spot sealing plastic containers to help prevent opening.
The ultrasonic point sealer creates a small spot weld that seals clamshell packages to prevent tampering and prevent pilfering of your product.


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