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Handheld knotter SS-3 for Spandex / Elastane / Lycra yarn

Specially developed for needs of users. (Disposable diaper manufacturers etc)

・Realized consistency splice/ knot preparation. (Strength, knot size, etc.)
・Compering with manual hand work, professional skill to make a tie are not required.
・Reduce down time. higher productivity.
・Thanks to compact and light weigh design, can be used in near production line.

Provide benefits to manufactures of mass production. (e.g. Disposable diaper manufacturers)

Demonstration Videos

  • how it works

    how it works


Yarn cast off is not occurred as two loops pull each other.

Fisherman’s knot

Yarn cast off is not occurred as two loops pull each other.


Product Name Handheld knotter
Product Number SS-3

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