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【NEW PRODUCT】Fish Bone Tweezer Ⅲ ST [Long nose straight type]

We launch a new product Fish Bone Tweezer Ⅲ ST [Long nose straight type] on March 2024.


We have been selling the type with a curved blade as the standard model for Fish bone Tweezers III.
This time, in response to customer requests, we will add a new type with a straight blade to our Fish bone Tweezers’ lineup.


Features of Fish Bone Tweezer Ⅲ

Easy to grip

Fish bone Tweezers III allows the user to grip with the entire palm, which is less tiring than the standard tweezer types that requires only the strength of two fingers to grip.
By using Fish bone tweezer Ⅲ, you can grip with the whole palm of your hand and not get tired.
Standard tweezers need more force in pinching and can cause tendonitis (pain) between the thumb and index finger.


Remove fish bones without breaking

The tip of the blade is designed to prevent breaking fish bones when pulling them out.
Due to the tip of the blade has surface area, so the fish bones will not be broken when pulling them out.
Wide surface of the blade tip prevents bone breakage.


Easy to wash and sanitize

Fish bone tweezer III can be disassembled for washing. Dirt can also be removed from the overlapping parts of the blades.


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