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Can vacuum packing and freezing preserve the quality of the bread?

When you get delicious freshly made bread, you should eat it as soon as possible, this is the most important point to enjoy bread deliciously.

However, it is not always possible to eat the bread in one time, and it is not possible to buy freshly baked bread every day. In such cases, freezing and storing bread is recommended.

It is probably well known that the freezing method is a good way to store bread.
In this article, we have done a comparison test of the method of freezing bread, vacuum-packed and frozen, and wrapped in plastic wrap and frozen.

Freeze bread

The key to freezing bread is to protect it from drying out and preserve its flavor (preventing freezer odors and preserving the flavor of the bread).
Freezers are very dry, but by vacuum packing bread and food, you can protect it from drying and odors and keep it tasty.



How to vacuum pack

1.Vacuum pack bread with Vacuum sealer DUCKY【Product details of Vacuum sealers】
vacuum pack and freeze bread 

Vacuum-packed a little loosely to prevent the bread from crushing.
vacuum pack and freeze bread 2
vacuum pack and freeze bread 3 

We also recommend vacuum-packing the bread after freezing it for half a day, as it is easier to vacuum-pack without crushing the bread.


2. Prepare bread packaged with (1) vacuum pack, (2) storage bag, and (3) plastic wrap, from left to right.
freeze method of bread

3. Put them in the freezer.
freeze method of bread





Two weeks later

Vacuum-packed-bread Vacuum-packed-bread2

storage-bag2 storage-bag1

plastic-wrap1 plastic-wrap2

The bread in the storage bag and the plastic wrap had frosting on the surface of the bread and on the inside of the bag.
The vacuum-packed bag also had a little frosting because it was packed loosely to prevent the bread from being crushed.
Frost is dry moisture (frozen burn), so a little frost indicates that the bread is not dry and retains its flavor.




I preheated the toaster and then toasted them lightly.





Comments on the tasting

They seemed to retain their good quality in the following order: vacuum pack, storage bag, and then wrap.
The most obvious difference was the texture.
The vacuum-packed ones had a wider moist layer of texture after toasting, and only the surface was thin and crispy.
Conversely, the wrapped frozen bread had a larger percentage of crispy layers than the vacuum-packed bread.
For example, I felt that the ratio of the moist layer to the crispy layer was about 9:1 for the vacuum-packed and 7:3 for the wrapped bread.
This result was probably caused by the effect of the gradual loss of moisture from the surface of the bread during freezing.



The bread edges were also a little harder in the wrap preserves compared to the vacuum-packed ones, which were crisper.
The quality of the bread stored in the storage bag was just in the middle between vacuum-packed and plastic wrap.

This was a two-week experiment, but it was enough to see the difference.
If we experimented for a month or even longer, the difference might be more pronounced.

*The results of the test are based solely on the personal impressions of the experimenter. Please understand.


We hope you will take advantage of vacuum packing to preserve delicious bread for a long time.

Freeze bread vacuum pack and freeze bread 



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