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Eco-friendly packaging without food trays by vacuum packing

vacuum pack chicken

In recently Japan, the need for non-tray packaging (or no-tray packaging) has been increasing as an eco-friendly packaging method.
Mainly when selling meat, this packaging method is attracting attention as a method of packaging and selling meat without using food trays.

More and more supermarkets are gradually adopting non-tray packaging.
In particular, chicken meat, which is easier to package, is increasingly being adopted.

vacuum pack chicken



Advantages of Non-Tray Packaging

Compared to tray packaging, less plastic is used, making packaging more eco-friendly.
In addition, customers who purchase food items can reduce the volume of waste they dispose of by replacing trays with only packaging bags.
Many municipalities charge for garbage bags, and it is gratifying to be able to reduce the volume of garbage as much as possible.
Many supermarkets have recycling collection points for food trays, but non-tray packaging is convenient for those who are unable to bring their trays to the collection points, such as the elderly or busy single or dual-income households.


■Freshness Preservation

Another advantage of non-tray packaged meat is that it retains its freshness better than tray packaged meat when frozen as is.
When trays are wrapped in plastic wrap, the wrap allows air to pass through easily, which can cause freezing burn and dryness, and freshness is easily lost.
However, non-tray packaging bags are often made of a material that allows less air to pass through than plastic wrap.

With the increasing number of dual-income families, many of them only buy food once a weekend. Therefore, many families are now freezing and storing the food they have purchased.
For these families, easy-to-freeze packaging is a good choice for purchase.


■ Less bulky

Non-tray packaging is less bulky than tray packaging. They do not require much space in the refrigerator or freezer.

vacuum pack chicken




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