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niXaX is a brand-new steak tenderizer designed to improve the taste and tenderness of these less-expensive cuts of steak. It introduces some patent pending ideas which overcome some weaknesses holding back other meat tenderizer. Moreover, niXaX has Japanese Blades which ensures the quality.

Cap and Body
-ABS (Dish washer safe)

Blades(20 Blades)
-Stainless steel
-One-by-One hand finishing

Guide pins(2 Pins)
-Stainless steel

商品ラインアップ Product list
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    niXaX™ Light -Steak Tenderizer -
    Even more slim and less-force style of niXaX™ .
    User Friendly Steak Tenderizer with Hand Finished Japanese Blades made in Japan.
    • ​”Zig-zag” Arranged Blades Plates enables you making “crisscross” incisions very quickly.
    • Protection Guide Pins protects the edge of the blades from sticking to the cutting board.
    • Easy Cleaning. (Dishwasher safe)
    • 12 Hand Finished Blades
仕様・特徴 Feature list
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    How to niXaX?
    You’ve never tenderized steaks before? No problem! Using niXaX is very simple: You just lay a cut of steak on the cutting board, then push it from left to right! One side is done in just 10 seconds.

    Unlike other meat tenderizers, the Blades of niXaX are arranged in an “X” shape, which enables you to “crisscross” holes across the meat that cut through tough connective tissues.

    Because the holes are “crisscrossed”, you can easily recognize that the blades are uniformly tenderizing. You want steaks that are even more tender? Flip the steak and repeat. Easy!
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    Hand Finished Japanese Blades
    The edges of the niXaX Blades have a very unique shape. While other meat tenderizers have blades shaped like knives, the edges of niXaX blades are crafted in a “U” shape. It provides an absolute cut between U shaped prongs. Why did we craft them in these shapes? Because our company is the No. 1 chiseling company in Japan and edges like this are our specialty.
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    “X” Arranged Blades Plates
    The arrangement of the niXaX blades makes us stand out against other tenderizers. They are laid out in an ”X” pattern. With this unique arrangement, you can easily make ”crisscross” incisions.
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    Protection Guide Pins
    Are you worried about the edges stabbing into your cutting board and damaging the blades? No need to worry. Here’s how we overcame the problem.  niXaX has 2 guide pins that are a little bit longer than the blades. So the pins touch the cutting board and the blades NEVER stick into the board! It ensures long lasting tastes of the sharpness.
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    Easy Cleaning
    Cleaning was one of the most frastrating issues facing other meat tenderizers. To be sure, more than two layers of blades are very effective when tenderizing meat. The issue is, the more blades and the layers you have, the more complicated the device is to clean. Cleaning niXaX is simple. You just pop open the cap and pull out the blades; then you can wash each blade separately! Isn’t that sanitary and hygienic? Of course, you can also just put niXaX into the dishwasher directly. (Upper rack recommended.)