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Product information
  • Automatic Vacuum Sealer HIPPO/AS-V-320

    Nozzle type automatic vacuum sealer for commercial use No embossed bag required
       - Made in Japan -

  • Ultrasonic Point Sealer QUPPA/QP-01

    For welding of plastic material such as food packs, plastic bags, clothing labels and so forth.
       - Made in Japan -

  • Ultrasonic Dot-line Sealer L-QP-01

    Ultrasonic Dot-line Sealer for nonwoven bags, plastic bags and so on
       - Made in Japan -

  • Ultrasonic Point Welder AUH30

    Optional tips are available according to the purpose of use.
       - Made in Japan -
    Model No. :AUH30

  • Impulse AZ Sealer

    Perfect for thick metallic bag sealing to keep coffee beans and loose-leaf tea fresh.
       - Made in Japan -
    Model No. : 『S/W/200/300』

  • Impulse Z Sealer

    Stainless steel body impulse sealer

  • PEONY Poly Wrapper  U/B-450JP

    High energy efficiency model which is assembled with easy changeable parts.
       - Made in Japan -
    Model No. :『U-450JP/B450JP』

  • CS Sealer

    Multipurpose compact sealer

  • Foot-Operated Impulse Sealers

    Works with thin bags, thick bags, laminated bags (accordion pocket).

  • Electric Salmon Scaler AST-150

    It is perfect for scale removal of any size of fish from large fish to small fish.
       - Made in Japan -

  • Automatic Fish Scaler

    Easy to hold and operate, speed 5 times faster!!

  • Fish Bone Tweezer Ⅲ

    Fish bone tweezer. It is easy for anyone to remove fish bones quickly and cleanly with minimum effort.

  • Japanese Knife Sharpener –TOGISHI–

    Diamond coating whetstone made by a Japanese knife craftsman
    Sharpener for Japan-made kitchen knife

  • niXaX – Innovative steak tenderizer -

    niXaX - Innovative steak tenderizer

  • niXaX™ Light -Steak Tenderizer -

    niXaX™ Light -Steak Tenderizer -

  • Insect Catcher MPX-2000 series

    Boasting the highest trapping power in the market
    Made in all stainless steel (SUS304)

  • Insect catcher MP-2300 Series

    Featuring white as its basic tone.
    Suitable for different venues and spaces.

  • Insect Catcher Interior Type

    MUSHI POCKET 2 Photocatalyst Insect Catcher

  • Insect Luring lamp

    Lure flying insects by 365 nm light.

  • Insect Catching Tape

    Made of resin that is the most suitable for catching flying insects.

  • UV Knife sterilizer

    Stainless steel construction
    Assembled in JAPAN

  • Parts of textile machinery

    We support and consultant your factory for the fiber production.

  • Whole process

    Conveyor Belts/Conveyor Units
    Round belt
    Yarn Cutter

  • Finishing touches

    Ceramic cutter blade
    Tensor cutter blade
    Hand knotter

  • Ring Spinning process

    Ring spinning machine
    Bobbin folder
    Spun yarn lighting equipment
    Magnet clearer
    Front top clearer
    Rubber Cot(Rubber cot for Top roller)
    Top Roller
    Creadle Rubber Apron
    Spindle lubrication machine(AS-200B)
    Bobbin for Spinning/Roving
    Snail wire
    Anch node ring
    Gripper case/Head presser

  • Roving process

    Repair for Fryer of Roving machine
    Fryer cap
    Brushing Belt

  • Roller processing equipment

    Roller processing equipment
    All automatic grease lubrication machine
    Automatic roller washing machine
    Top roller and re-covering rubber / abrasion

  • Spinning process

    Knit needle reproduction

  • Another Main Parts

    Another Main Parts

  • PU Disc for DTY / Polyurethane friction disc for draw textured yarn

    Polyurethane friction discs / Texturing Discs / made in Japan

  • Brushing (Flocked) Belt

    Brushing Belt

  • Automatic grease lubrication machine MH-1001

    grease lub machine for top roller

  • GREEN LASER system AS-13G

    green laser

  • Top Roller Washing Machine ASG-30AUTO

    washing machine

  • Rubbing Aprons(Aikawa made)

    Rubbing apron

  • Grip rubber of walking tip for replacement

    The tip of the appropriately soft rubber with a spring embedded is closely attached to the ground.

  • Dandy Urinar – Men’s urinary incontinence device –

    A wearable urine collector that can be worn to sleep.

  • “Mr.Urinar”urinary incontinence device for men.

    Finally on the market with new idea !