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Company Policy
Management Philosophy

Through our business operations, we aim to continue to create, propose and provide unique products and services in the markets of apparel, food, environment and logistics so as to serve our customers while fostering the spirit of autonomy, independence and responsibility in the company so that we could contribute to the growth and well-being of one another here at Asahi Industry.

Fundamental Management Guidelines

1. Guided by the spirit of “Fostering customer trust”, we aim to earnestly contribute to society.
2. With the goal of creating a brand name that is renowned for reliability, we endeavor to contribute towards technological advancement.
3. We shall always be in the pursuit of growth, with an exploratory vision for product development, proposal and business reform.
4. In order to create a sustainable natural environment, we shall be actively involved in the domains of energy conservation.
5. We shall remain compliant with pertinent laws and regulations and shall firmly reject inappropriate demands and requests.